Renewable Heat Incentive for Solar Thermal Hot Water



What is the RHI Scheme?




奥镁支付将根据你收到estimated amount of heat your system produces (per kilowatt hour). Participants in the RHI scheme (who abide by its rules) will receive quarterly payments for 7 years based on the amount of renewable heat their system produces.


RHI Scheme: Domestic and Non-domestic


  • The domestic RHI is for homeowners who are installing a renewable heating system in their home (including self-builds) and private and social landlords where the heating system will be providing heat for a single household.
  • The non-domestic RHI is intended for commercial, industrial and public places such as schools and hospitals as well as for organisations operating district heating systems.



  • 生物量仅适用于空间加热或空间和国内热水的锅炉和生物质颗粒炉(不仅适用于家用热水)
  • air source heat pumps for space heating or both space and domestic hot water (not only for domestic hot water)
  • 用于空间加热或空间和家用热水的地面源热泵(不仅适用于家用热水)
  • 平板和抽空管太阳能热面板为家庭热水(不包括空间加热或暖气游泳bob娱乐app池)。

You will need to have an EPC certificate which is less than 2 years old. Before buying solar thermal panels you should check that your chosen product is approved for the RHI (by checking Ofgem’s list of approved products) and find an MCS certified installer to complete the installation.



The RHI tariff you receive for the 7 year period will depend when you make your application to the scheme as the payments are reassessed every 3 months.

The first applicants who applied to the scheme in April 2014 are paid 19.20p for every kW/h of heat their system produces. Unlike the FiT tariff for solar PV panels which was steadily decreased until it closed in March 2019, the RHI tariff for solar thermal has increased every year since it was introduced. Solar thermal has also always been the highest earning of the renewable heating technologies.

Period of RHI Applications Solar Thermal RHI Tariff (per kWh)
01.04.14 - 31.03.15. 19.20p
01.04.15 – 31.03.16 19.51P.
01.04.16 - 31.03.17 19.74P.
01.04.17 – 31.03.18 20.06p
01.04.18 - 31.03.19. 20.66P.
Latest tariff (01.04.19 until at least 30.12.19) 21.09p

Your total RHI payments will vary depending on several factors including the size of your home and number of inhabitants, its EPC certificate and insulation levels and, of course, your lifestyle, i.e. how much you use your heating. The below table includes some average figures based on estimated figures but it should give you some idea of how much you might receive in RHI payments.

估计每年平均热需求(千瓦时) Estimated Annual RHI Payments (21.09p per kWh) Estimated Total RHI Payments Over 7 Years
小(1-2床露台或半独立) 8,000 168.72英镑 1,181.04英镑
Medium (3-4 bed semi-detached) 12,000 £253.09 £1,771.56
Large (4-5 bed detached) v17,000 £358.53 2,509.71英镑


Under the government’s绿色家庭赠予scheme,在2020年9月20日和3月202日之间,您可以申请补助金,以涵盖三分之二的安装太阳能热面板的成本。bob娱乐app


Are solar thermal panels worth it?



However, you will also need to weigh up the cost of installation against the potential energy and carbon savings that a solar water heating system could deliver for you. The Energy Saving Trust give the below figures as an estimation but specifies that financial savings and carbon emissions will vary from household to household.


Potential CO2 Savings per year 7年来潜在的二氧化碳储蓄 潜在的燃料票据每年节约 Potential fuel bill savings over 7 years 估计7年以上的RHI总额 7年以上的金融总额
加油站 270kg 1890 kg 50英镑 350英镑 £253.09 £603.09
Oil 350kg. 2450 kg 55英镑 385英镑 £253.09 £638.09
Coal 5450kg 38,150 kg 65英镑 £455 £253.09 £708.09
电力 390kg 1,560千克 80英镑 560英镑 £253.09 £813.09
LPG 310kg. 2,170 kg £95 £665 £253.09 918.09英镑

Interested in solar thermal panels for your home?

If you think a solar thermal heating system could be the right choice for your home, your next step is to get quotes for installation. It’s always best to compare prices and professional advice to make sure you get the right system for your needs.
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